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Total Life Counseling, Inc (TLC) provides individual, marital and family counseling that integrates sound psychological, spiritual and social principles to help people grow in their life satisfaction. Our counseling principles help clients develop a positive

self-image, emotional stability, communication skills, healthy thinking patterns, strengthen their ability to cope with stressful situations and enhance their physical, emotional, interpersonal and spiritual development. 

Adult Partial Day Treatment Program

For those needing more than outpatient counseling, the Clinic provides comprehensive psychiatric treatment. This program offers intensive and supportive care during the day while allowing the patient to return home at night.

This program is appropriate for those who are:

Experiencing emotional and behavioral difficulties

                    Experiencing continuing school/work related problems

                   At risk for future hospitalizations

                   Requiring more intensive daily therapy

                   In need of daily therapeutic, supportive mental healthcare

                   Not requiring 24-hour, 7 days-a-week, supervised care through hospitalization

          This program addresses issues such as:

        Relationship Problems (Marital/Family)

                   Substance Abuse



                   Eating Disorders



Length of Treatment:

The program generally lasts two weeks, five days of treatment each week, 9:15am - 2:00pm M-F. The actual length of stay will be based on the patient's individual needs and circumstances. Enrollment in the program is on a week-to-week basis and daily attendance is required, unless prior arrangements have been made. 


John DeVerter, M.D., F.A.P.A.

John DeVerter is a Board Certified Psychiatrist and a Fellow with the American Psychiatric Association. He trained at Massachusetts General Hospital and he was one of the founding physicians of Lewis-Gale Psychiatric Center in Salem, Virginia. Dr. DeVerter presently serves as Medical Director of the Adult Partial Day Treatment Program at TLC. Dr. DeVerter is also an ordained minister.