Total Life

Counseling, Inc.

Strengthen your relationships

by increasing your ability to talk about what matters

Chuck uses God's Word and sound therapeutic principles to help you learn

What addictions are and the different types

Why some are stronger than others

What causes and feeds them

How to replace them with God honoring behaviors


Chuck Rife, LPC, LMFT

Date TBA

6:00 - 8:00pm

$30 per person/ $50 per couple (cash or check payable to Chuck Rife)

To sign up or for more info call 540-989-1383

Light refreshments served

One Day Parenting Retreat

presented by

Keith McCurdy
Date TBA

(9:00 am - 4:00 pm)

(Break at noon for lunch on  your own)

“Raising Sturdy Kids”

Chuck Rife, LPC, LMFT



$30 per person

(Cash or check made payable to Chuck Rife)

Light refreshments served

Freedom from Addictions Workshop

 Benefits of this class

1. Learn who you are and what God wants you to do

2. Learn how to better control your thoughts

3. Learn personal, powerful examples of life changing biblical affirmations

4. Learn how to control your emotions

5. Learn how to practice God honoring behaviors

Chuck uses God's word and sound therapeutic resources to help you:

See God truthfully

See yourself truthfully

Treat yourself lovingly

Treat others lovingly

Uses your spiritual gifts with wisdom and balance

Codependency Workshop

Chuck Rife, LPC, LMFT


$30 per person

(Cash or check made payable to Chuck Rife)

Light refreshments served

Jennifer Brother

  Six 45 min. sessions for $60

For more information call 540-989-1383 

Take Control of Your Mind for Good

How to Renew Your Mind to a Biblical Worldview

What we say, what we don’t say, and how we say it impacts the contours and borders of our relationships. While we can’t change others, we can shift how we listen and speak up for better understanding and to be better understood. This seven-week process group is for women who want to increase self-confidence, become more resilient, improve relationships, and or handle conflict more effectively.

You choose the communication related goal you want to work on, and through a facilitated process join other women for support and encouragement to grow beyond the edge of what you already know how to do. This group is not intended to take the place of individual counseling, but rather offer a practice field for trying out new behaviors.

Communication Skills Group

The one day parent retreat will help parents focus on the basics of healthy parenting.  Couples and single parents will learn how to approach parenting from the paradigm that most children are “normal” and in need of a common foundation of direction and training.  During the one day retreat you will receive six hours of interactive group consultation and training.

(No worries: No role-play or power-point presentations).

Topics covered

  • The difference between “normal” and “abnormal” childhood
  • The correct role of emotions
  • Understanding “emotional disordering”
  • Learning how to allow your child/children to struggle in healthy ways
  • Appropriate burdens, responsibilities, and limits for children
  • Answering “What is the goal of parenting?”
  • What does it really mean to “impress” Truth (Deut 6:7) and “train up” (Pr 22:6 )a child?

Cost: $175 per person 

To secure your spotContact Total Life Counseling, Inc. at (540)989-1383

Space is limited!  If you don’t want to miss this unique opportunity, contact us today.

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